Introducing Dock & Bay x Whale and Dolphin Conservation

Whale hello there! 

If you’ve been with us since the beginning of our journey, you’ll know that we ‘whaley’ love the outdoors (queue a whole blog post of whale puns). Beautiful beaches, vast oceans, mile-high mountains… Travel, adventure (and stripes) are at the heart of what we do, and none of this would be possible without the wonderful planet Earth. We know that today, more than ever, this world needs a bit of a helping hand, which is where we come into play, along with our friends at the Whale and Dolphin Conservation.

We’ve certainly had to take a different approach this time to make sure we really hit the nail on the head, including whale spotting in Scotland for inspiration (our co-founder, Andy, did actually do this), practising our best whale noises to really get in the zone (he probably did this too) and adopting their diet of crustation, plankton and small fish (ok not really)… the hard work finally paid off and we are SO excited to announce not one, not two, but three new things - a new towel, a new collection, a NEW MATERIAL (yep, we’re feeling pretty smug right now).

With our all-new 100% recycled towel material (making it ‘whaley’ good for the environment), the introduction of the Doing our Bit Collection donates 20% of sales to charity, and we’re kicking off this brand spanking new range with our WDC towel. It’s ‘dolphinitely’ one you don’t want to miss out on (not even sorry). You can stay dry and sand-free with peace of mind, knowing that your towel of stripy whaley goodness is not only helping WDC achieve their vision of a world where every whale and dolphin is safe and free, but it is also taking single-use plastics which would have otherwise gone to landfill, and making them into something amazing.

Dock and Bay WDC charity beach towel recycled

Why whales?

Humpback whales are masters of melody and sing some of the most complex songs in the animal kingdom. Each year, they undertake some of the longest migrations of any mammal in the world, but by covering such huge distances, humpbacks must navigate a myriad of life-threatening dangers, including whalers, fishing nets and ships, which is why we want to support them.

With every Dock & Bay x WDC towel sold, we are closer to ending captivity, stopping whaling, preventing deaths in nets and creating healthier seas.

This towel was inspired by our water-loving (big) friend - our newly adopted Humpback Whale, Salt (but we like to call her Salty), a natural water baby.

Salty is probably the most famous and well-documented humpback whale in the world. She was the first humpback to be identified, all the way back in 1975, making her 40 years older than we are! We don’t know her exact age, but we know she is at least 44 years old and is currently the oldest member of the Dock & Bay team. She had a total of 14 calves and is not only a grandmother but also a great grandmother - now that’s quite an achievement.

Dock and Bay WDC charity beach towel recycled pouch

So tell us about the 100% recycled material

With our brand new 100% recycled material, you’ll get the same amazing Dock & Bay technology, but this time in a towel that is helping us to reduce our impact on this awesome planet. Sand free, quick-dry, lightweight and odour free… this towel really has got it all. Our aim is to introduce this new material to each of our Towels, Hair Wraps and Ponchos by the end of 2020.

Dock and Bay WDC charity beach towel recycled

Want to know more about our ‘whaley’ big friends? Here are some flippin’ awesome Humpback facts!

Male Humpback whales grow up to 18m long and weigh 36,000kg (that’s 80,000 of our XL towels!)

An adult humpback whale consumes up to 1360kg of food each day

Humpback whales are found in all of the world’s major oceans

Dock and Bay WDC charity beach towel recycled sailing

So, what can you do to help?

Get yourself a 100% recycled Dock & Bay x WDC towel - with 20% of sales go to charity, you can help do your bit AND you get a ‘whaley’ gorgeous towel!

Adopt a whale or dolphin just like Salty! Watch out for her on our IG stories - ok maybe not Salty herself, but our cuddly toy version of her.

Make a donation or even get creative and join Team Orca by fundraising for the Whale and Dolphin Conservation

Help at a beach clean up in your area to help keep our oceans clear from waste, which could harm our beautiful sea creatures

Dock and Bay WDC charity beach towel recycled underwater shoot

If, like us, you’ve been doing a shot every time you see a sea-creature related pun, you’re probably pretty inebriated by now, so we encourage you to use that new-found confidence, whip your bank card out and get shopping. You’ll have a great towel delivered to your door that you never even remember ordering, AND you’ll have made a donation to support a world where every whale and dolphin are free. Absolutely no regrets.

For more whale-related goodness, latest updates and offers, don’t forget to social media. You’ll get to know the team too, and we’re pretty awesome.