Surfing Tips & Kit for Kids

You’ve always wanted to learn to surf, haven’t you? We’ve all thought about it at some point, about how gnarly those guys with blonde hair and board shorts are, ripping waves and riding the current. 

That’s us trying out the lingo, did it work? Probably not. 

Well it’s about time you learned a new skill, and what better way to learn than with the kids! We’ve put together some essential kit and tips for surfing with kids, including best spots and the raddest products. 

Surf’s up, dudes! 

First of all, kids can start surfing at any age. But if they’re on the younger side, it’s best to be there to support them in case they get into difficulties in the water. 

When they hit around age 8/9, they’ll start being able to grasp the concept better and will be able to catch waves themselves. Going along with them gives you a great excuse to get out there yourself!

You should also check the weather and surf reports before heading out - you need to make sure it’s safe in the water. Luckily, you can search for surf reports online. 

An essential bit of kit to take on your surfing escapades. A perfect poncho is a gamechanger - they’re big enough for kids to get changed underneath, meaning they can quickly swap out into their dry clothes to keep chilly sea breezes at bay. 

They’re also quick drying, super absorbent and designed to last a lifetime. Not only that, but the unique, 100% recycled material repels sand, meaning you can leave that on the beach, because that should be for building sandcastles, not for messing your car up…

Pair your kid’s poncho with your own so you can both hit the waves in quick dry style! 

Cornwall, specifically Newquay, is the ultimate place to learn to surf in the UK. 

In Europe, South West France is also great - try the Hossegor or Seignosse regions, or head to the Algarve for warm weather and gentle waves. 

Oahu, Hawaii is a surfers paradise, while Bora Bora, which we named this towel after, is another awesome spot.

Don’t rely on just a poncho to get yourself dry following a long day of riding waves. 

Invest in a quick dry, super absorbent towel to wrap up warm with, or lie down on, you must be exhausted after all that surfing…