26 Signs You Are Totally Addicted To Travel

Ever since Dock & Bay was founded, we’ve pretty much just had one thang in mind: to inspire human beans to have the best time ever, with the most awesome people, in this totally badass world we get to call home -- and there’s nothing better, more awesome or badass and than travelling.

It’s that feeling of popping a brightly coloured, stripy and sand-resistant towel over your shoulder, a cheeky smile on your face and strolling down to another far-flung beach because taking life too seriously ain’t really your vibe.

You’re much more about adventure. Snorkelling through that reef. Jumping in that lake. Dancing beneath those stars. Saying yes to that spontaney solo trip. Applying for that job that will make you happier than any amount of money. Holding that yoga pose. Eating that chocolate-filled dessert. Waking up in that national park. Just being that travel-loving wanderluster that loves exploring new places, things, sights, sounds and tastes.

That’s how it feels to be addicted to travel - it feels awesome. But just in case you want to be properly diagnosed, here are 26 symptoms all travel junkies share. Yup. It’s totally the best addiction ever.

1. Nothing gets you more excited than the idea of travelling (and, yes, that includes train and car journeys over 4 hours long).

Green Cabana Towel

2. All you do is dream about travelling. You dream about it when you go to sleep and you daydream about it when you wake up. You basically live in a travel dream.

Red Cabana Towel

3. You absolutely love airports, because nothing gives you a buzz like seeing your gate number appear on the departures board.

4. You've got your travel outfit down to a tee - the perfect mix of stylish, comfy, relaxed and practical.

Travel to India

5. “Packing Pro” is the first (and only) life skill on your resumé.

Luggage packing

6. You get major smug face looking at those waiting in baggage claim, because you know checking-in bags is for travel noobs.

7. Your most used social media hashtags are #travellife #jetsetter #vitaminsea and #restingbeachface (and you feel great about it).

Vintage bicycle on holiday

8. You're subscribed to every travel blog on the Internet (and of the 1,423 tabs currently open on your browser, 1,423 of them are travel websites).

9. Your fridge door is chock-full of magnets from each of your adventures (and a big chunk of them are from New Zealand).

10. You hate coming back from a vacay, but you love that feeling of instantly planning the next one (“midweek road trip anyone?”)

Dock & Bay Unicorn Waves towel

11. Your bedside drawer is nothing more than a treasure chest of currencies from around the world (of which the combined total is worth about the same as a Starbucks coffee).

12. You’ve learned Google Translate can’t be totally trusted, and yet you still use it because you love talking to the locals (they know where all the best places are).

Cabana Kuta Pink Travel Towel

13. Pretty much every other photo on your Instagram is a heavily-filtered snap of you holding your passport and boarding pass (or a mid-flight photo of your plane’s wing).

14. Your second favourite possession is your DSLR Camera (the first is your passport).

Travel camera

15. You regularly flick through your passport just to look at all the visas and stamps you’ve collected (and knowing you’ve almost filled another passport gets you weirdly excited).

16. The food in your fridge and the spices in your cupboards prove your favourite thing about travelling is the food. Oh-the-food. The food glorious food.

17. In fact, your favourite thing about travelling is the constant food adventure you’re on. You rarely know what you’re ordering off a menu, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Street food on holiday

18. You are so used to communicating through WhatsApp it’s actually replaced the “phone” app on the bottom of your iPhone menu.

18. Not only do you prefer living out of a suitcase, you never truly unpack just in case you discover a last-minute flight deal that’s too good to resist (Rule No.1: always be ready).

Packed for an adventure

19. Your biggest fear is not being able to see every village/town/beach/city/mountaintop you want to see.

Mountain top swing

20. While everyone else is saving for a mortgage, all of your money goes toward travelling (and cooking meals that remind you of travelling).

Narabeen Green Hair Wrap

21. While most tourist are scared of getting lost, you know getting lost is how all the best adventures begin.

Cancun Green Cabana Towel

22. You know how to say “where is the bathroom?” “I’m allergic to…” and “can I get a bottle of your cheapest wine, please?” in almost every language.

23. You travel so much, half of your friends think you are lying about having a job and the other half think you have a job as an Insta-traveller.

Green & Yellow Hair Wrap

24. Your dream is to own a vintage suitcase (and the fact they are ridiculously impractical doesn’t matter at all).

25. You have never admitted it at loud, but your best friend is your backpack - your well-worn, badge-covered, trusty-steed of a backpack (you’ve even given her a name, like Ranulph).

Trusty travel backpack

26. No matter how much you travel, or how many new places you visit, your bucket list never gets any smaller. There’s always something new to add (which is as exciting as it is terrifying).

Large Waikiki Coral Red Adult Poncho

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