Our Top 5 Sustainable Swaps You Can Make At Home

We are obsessed with sustainability and helping the planet here at Dock & Bay. Some of the swaps we’ve made as a business include transitioning all of our products to 100% recycled materials back in 2020 and donating 5% of profits to our charity partners each year. 

In celebration of World Earth Day, our fabulous team have come up with our top 5 sustainable swaps and where you can get them! It’s as if we’ve made you a ‘swapping’ list (swapping...shopping...get it?)


  1. Swap out plastic bottles and disposable coffee cups for a reusable bottle.

If you’re like us, you love icy cold water and humongous amounts of coffee! By swapping from disposable plastic bottles and coffee cups you can reduce your single-use plastic waste by approximately £200 per year. Not only are metal bottles better for the environment, they also keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. Our friends over at Chilly’s have nailed this. Keeping your (wine) water cool for 24 hours and coffee or tea (if that’s what you fancy) hot for 12 hours. It’s a no-brainer. 

  1. Stop using disposable makeup wipes and swap to reusable makeup remover pads.

Not to toot our own horn (okay, fine, a little toot) but we are very proud of our reusable makeup removers. It goes without saying that cotton pads and makeup wipes (which contain plastic by the way) are bad for the planet. With over 20 million wipes being thrown out each week you can make small swaps like this to help the planet and your face. By just adding water our ultra-soft material works for all skin types and comes with its own handy wash bag. You will save money too as there’s no need to repurchase disposable wipes again (thank us later!).

  1. Start using a shampoo bar instead of shampoo that comes in a plastic bottle.

Shampoo takes you from a dirty birds’ nest to recreating the Herbal Essences adverts (oh yeah) and that’s without saving the planet. Swapping to a shampoo bar not only reduces your single-use plastic waste, it also lasts longer, saves you money and is great for travelling. What more could you ask for? Our good friends at Foamie have an amazing range of shampoo and conditioner bars, and our collaboration with them last year couldn’t have flown off the shelves any faster! Keep an eye out, it might be making a comeback...


  1. Swap your loo roll for a more sustainable option. Wait, what?

Yes, that’s right we said swap your loo roll. You can count how many sheets you use but that doesn’t change how many trees have been chopped down to make it! Eco-friendly bamboo toilet roll is a great swap for the environment and your hiney. Brands such as Who Gives A Crap and Bumboo create amazing alternatives and they come in the most beautiful packaging. Giving you a boujee bamboo bum toilet moment.


  1. Start using compostable dog poo bags.

Did you notice we said compostable, not biodegradable? We also thought swapping plastic poo bags for biodegradable ones was the best step, but we can go a step further (yes, to pick up poo). Biodegradable products disintegrate over time and turn into micro-plastics. Fetch.It is an amazing company who have created compostable pet products. If you haven’t checked them out yet we recommend you do for your doggies’ doo doo.


Here’s an extra little treat for you… our top 5 documentaries to watch on all things sustainability. The Dock & Bay team are always on the lookout for the next sustainable swap we can make, whether it’s in the office or at home. Tag us in any you would recommend on Instagram!