Baby bath products you need to beat the bath time battle

Let’s face it, parents - bath time can be a bit of a battle. 

Especially if your kids aren’t particularly fond of water, or getting clean, or just sitting still in general, really. 

So we’ve some things that can make it a little bit easier, from our new Dock & Bay Kids range. Because it’s not just the adults who should benefit from quick dry goodness…

The promise of post-bath cuddles might be enough to convince your little one to take a dip. 

These hooded towels are super cosy, dry fast and are the answer to drying your child before they can splash bath water up every single wall in your house. 

Plus, they can wear it like a cape and pretend to be a superhero. If that doesn’t get them into the bath, we’re not sure what will. 

A rubber duck!

The classic, no bathtub is complete without one. 

But, a lot of rubber ducks and other bath toys are made from plastic, which isn’t good for the environment (you probably don’t need us to tell you that).

We made a pledge to improve our sustainability efforts here at D&B, and that includes during our recommendations of other products. So, we like these rubber duckies from Babipur, because they’re BPA free and made from 100% recycled material - just like all of our products! 

Bath time buddies on hand to help, literally. 

These adorable animal wash mitts are here to keep your kids entertained as they wash - put on a puppet show or some kind of soap opera. Anything to keep them distracted while you get them clean. 

They’re soft, yet made from 100% recycled materials. Choose from four critters with awesome names; Kirra Koala, Parker Pig, Frankie Frog or Greta Giraffe. Which is your fave?

Bubble Bath

What’s more fun than bubbles? Nothing, that’s what. 

Surround your child with a mound of frothy bubbles and they’ll be super happy in the tub. 

You want to make sure the bubble bath you get is good for them AND the planet though - we like this one from Earth Friendly Baby, because it’s dermatologically tested, 99% natural and made with eco-friendly packaging. 

Make the promise of post-bath fun with these adorable animal hooded towels!

Kids can choose which animal they want to be (if you buy more than one, that is) so they can always keep the prospect of having a wash interesting. 

Personally, we’d go for Parker Pig, because pink is our favourite colour and there’s something quite funny about being a piglet after you’ve had a bath…