10 Ways To Stay Cool In Non-Stop Sunshine

Because being a hot, sweaty mess isn’t for everyone.

It’s not that we don’t wish we were in Taylor Swift’s Squad (because we really-really do), but if we could only be a member of one club, it would have to be the Summer Vacay Club. Don’t ask us why, but life is always better with sandy toes and a sunkissed nose. Actually, scrap that, you can totally ask us why - it’s because nothing tops that feeling of saying bye-bye to your dreary desk in favour of balmy nights, pink sunsets, salty air and the promise of non-stop sunshine. That’s the club we want to join.

However, there is one little downer with going somewhere super-hot for a week or two - you’re gonna be super-hot for a week or two. The sort of hot where you have to use the sides of your feet to perform a weird, skippy-walk thing across the boiling sand before slapping on some sun Factor 30 sun cream and with a floppy hat (that probably says “out of office” around the rim) even though you know this probably won’t stop you becoming a sweaty mess.

But don’t worry ‘cos we’ve totes got you covered.

So, to celebrate the release of our brand new Cooling Towels (can we get a woo woo), we’ve come up with some (let’s be honest) totally genius ways for you to keep cool while you’re soaking up a scorcher somewhere with sun, sand and surf… and palm trees. Life is always better with palm trees.

1. The Coolest Showers

Outdoor Showers Beach

The best thing about taking a cold(ish) shower is the Michael Doublé benefits -- they keep you cool and they’ll make your summer tan last so much longer. So, yeah, instead of giving in to the temptation that is a nice hot bath (which will dehydrate your skin and make you peel faster), pack your favourite moisturising shower oil and stick to lovely cool showers as much as poss.

2. Freeze The Breeze

If you’ve been given a hotel room that’s lacking in the air-con department, don’t freak out just yet ‘cos it’s uber-easy to DIY one. All you need to do is phone reception, ask them to bring up a behemoth bowl of ice and then place said ice in front of your blowing fan. Voila. Your room will become cooler and cooler as the ice melts (and if you don’t have a fan, try popping your hairdryer onto the cold setting and taping down the trigger button).

3. Lots Of Light Bites

Watermelon Fruity Towels

All-inclusives are the best and anyone that says otherwise can, ummm, well, remain entitled to their opinion (each to their own and all that). Anyway, the reason we love an all-inclusive is the same as everyone else: the bottomless buffets of actually alright food. The problem is, the more endless portions you eat the harder your belly has to work to process it, and that makes your body warm up. A lot. It’s what scientists call metabolic heat. So rather than stuffing your face because you can, eating lighter bites more frequently will actually make it easier for you to enjoy the sun.

4. Drink Water. Lots Of Water.

Stripy Shorts Smoothie

Rule No.1: Don’t slack-off drinking water. Ever. And, no, downing an endless amount of frozen cocktails doesn’t count as hydration. You need to be sipping on actual water throughout your beach day too (as delish as the sound of clinking beers might sound). And if you do get bored of drinking all that H2O, you can always get a little fruity with an ice-lolly (and then pair that fruitiness with one of *these* oh-so-fruity fruit-loving towels).

5. Wet Your Wrists

If you’re all about the good times and tan lines but don’t want to get sweaty chasing such dreams, try running your wrists under a cold tap for a handful of seconds every couple of hours. We don’t want to get too sciencey here, but there’s a pretty big vein in your wrists, and cooling it down will help cool your blood (translation: your body). It’s also a great move if the summer heat is stopping you from sleeping because a drop in body temp has been proven to make you so chill (aka sleepy).

6. The. Best. Beach. Towels. Ever.

Dock and Bay Cooling Towels

If you always thought our round Rainbow Skies towel was the greatest body-drying invention of all time, well, you’d be right. But you’d also be right to get excited about our new cooling towels [insert mic drop here]. Now, we don’t want to spoil the surprise too much, but these towels are the bomdiggity because they’ll keep you cool as long as they are wet - and they stay wet for up to 10 hours! That’s 36000 seconds of cooling goodness, making them perfect for pretty much everything: sports, exercising, hot yoga classes, hot days out, hangovers, keeping your pooch cool, vacays, road trips, beach days, bank holidays, everything. Like we said, they’re the best (*and the only reason they’re not at the top of this list is we had to give the rest of our tips a chance of being read).

7. Throw Some Shade

According to a study we just made up, the only way to bag yourself a poolside sunbrella when you’re on vacay is to get up at dawn’s crack and bagsy a sun lounger (and, yes, the rules of bagsy are deffo universal). If you don’t commit to this, well, there’s no escaping the sun’s rays… unless you fashion your own shady contraption, that is. Luckily, the options are endless. Invest in a Versa-brella, be an eco-friendly traveller by finding a fallen palm leaf, drape one of our large Cabana towels over the back of two chairs and lay beneath it, or you could just build a lifesize sandcastle and hide inside (imagine Buckingham Palace but made from very small grains of sand).

8. Life’s Cool By The Pool

Cabana Towel Poolside

That isn’t just the perfect Insta-caption, it’s also totes true. Like, fo sho. Much like your wrists and neck, your feet are a prime piece of real estate when you’re trying to keep cool. And you’ll feel the benefits instantly. So if you’re feeling a touch sweaty, try sitting poolside with your feet dangling in the water and a wet towel around your neck. Top tip: instead of using any old towel, go for our aptly named Poolside Party towel (whoa, it’s almost like we deliberately dropped that one in, huh?).

9. Sip On A Frozen Cocktail

We know we said not to over-indulge on these tasty numbers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy one or two frozen cocktails throughout the day. Or even three, maybe four. After all, life’s too short not to slurp on a vacay Frozé.

10. Misting Fans Are Life

Stripy Hair Wraps

If you put just one thing on your pre-vacay shopping list, make sure it’s one of our gorgeous Cancun green head wraps. And then celebrate this purchase by treating yourself to a misting fan straight afterwards. Not only will you look really cool (maybe?), you’ll also get to explore wherever you are without wilting like a warm lettuce. Oh and, in case you can’t quite picture what a misting fan looks like, it’s a handheld fan that sprays cool water onto your body. It’s - literally - a breath of fresh air.

And that’s everythi… wait… nope… there is one more thing… pack lots of lightweight (and lightly coloured) cotton clothing too. Trousers, shirts, kaftans, dresses, some more kaftans because we like the word kaftan, and anything else you can think of. Trust us: cotton clothing will change the way you vacation forever.

Thanks for reading. For more travelspiration and far-flung adventure ideas, follow us on Instagram and Facebook and, you know, don’t forget to grab yourself the most awesome towel ever made… and some shorts… and a hair wrap... and probably a poncho too. After all, everyone looks good in stripes.